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Ⅰ. Personal Information Protection Policy (HTS Group)

Hitachi Transport System (Australia) Pty. Ltd.

Managing Director : Nobuhide Kato

Date of enactment: March 31st , 2021

Hitachi Transport System, Ltd. Group (hereinafter “HTS Group”) handles a variety of information including in-house technical information as well as information obtained from our customers as a global solution provider offering seamless services to entire global supply chain. Accordingly, HTS Group has strived to establish and implement an information management system that respects the value of such information.

In light of this background, HTS Group has prescribed rules and established a management system regarding personal information protection; prescribed the personal information protection policy laid out below and informed directors and employees, while taking measures to grant general public an easy access to the information. Moreover, HTS Group strives to protect personal information appropriately according to this policy.

(1) Formulation of Personal Information Protection Management Rules and Continuous Improvement of Personal Information Protection Management System

HTS Group shall formulate and implement personal information protection management rules in order to raise awareness for the importance of personal information among directors and employees, and to appropriately use and protect personal information. HTS Group shall maintain and continue to improve these rules.

(2) Collection, Usage, and Provision of Personal Information and Prohibition of Use beyond Original Purpose

In consideration of the fact that HTS Group is entrusted with the customer’s information in its business activities, HTS Group shall establish a management system for personal information protection specific to each operation, and appropriately handle the collection, usage and provision of personal information according to the established rules. HTS Group shall not use personal information for other than the purpose of such information, and shall take measures to prevent such misuse.

(3) Implementation and Corrective Actions of Safety Measures

In order to secure the accuracy and safety of personal information, HTS Group shall implement measures such as managing access to personal information, restricting the means for external use of personal information, and preventing unauthorized external access in compliance with the rules for information security, and thereby prevent the leakage, loss, alteration, or destruction of personal information. In case some security issues are identified, HTS Group shall immediately take actions to correct them.

(4) Compliance with Laws and Codes

HTS Group shall comply with the Japanese laws and codes applicable to the protection of relevant personal information. Moreover, HTS Group shall adapt its personal information management rules to comply with these laws and codes.

(5) Respect for the Rights of the Individual Concerning Personal Information.

When the individual requests for his or her personal information to be disclosed, corrected, deleted, or seeks to prevent the use or provision of such information, complained or consulted, HTS Group shall respond in good faith respecting the rights of the individual pertaining to the personal information.

II. Handling of Personal Data

Under our Personal Information Protection Policy, Hitachi Transport System, Ltd. (hereinafter “HTS Group”) protects and manages personal data with the utmost care and to the best of our ability.

1. Definition of Personal Information and Personal data

  1. HTS Group defines personal information as information about an individual that can identify a specific individual on the basis of a name, date of birth or other description included in the information, or through a number, symbol or other code, image or sound associated with an individual (including that information which on its own cannot identify an individual but can be easily matched with other information to identify a specific individual). Furthermore, personal information includes not only information that can identify an individual but also any and all information that expresses a fact, judgment or assessment concerning the attributes of an individual including an individual’s physical characteristics, property, occupation or status.
  2. Personal data is data that enables the above-mentioned personal information to be searched and used, etc..

2. Scope of Application

This document, “About Personal Information Protection,” prescribes HTS Group’s handling of all personal data concerning you, our customers and our suppliers through our business.

3. Purpose of Use of Personal Data

We will use the personal data we obtain from you, customers and suppliers only to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose stated in each item of the following table. When we acquire personal data, we will publicly announce or notify you of the purpose of use to the extent practicable except the purpose of use has already been announced. When any of the following applies, however, we will not publicly announce or notify you of the purpose of use:

  1. When there is a risk publicly announcing or notifying you of the purpose of use will harm the life, person, property or other rights and interests of you or a third party,
  2. When there is a risk publicly announcing or notifying you of the purpose of use will harm the rights or legitimate interests of an organization concerned,
  3. When it is necessary to cooperate with a government agency or a local public body in the execution of affairs prescribed by laws and regulations, and there is a risk publicly announcing or notifying you of the purpose of use will impede the execution of affairs, or
  4. When the purpose of use is deemed to be clear from the circumstances of acquisition


No.ClassificationPurpose of Use
1Logistics business
  • The execution of contracts concluded with you, a customer or supplier including the execution of outsourced business relating to transportation and delivery, cargo handling, storage, packing, distribution processing, relocation and removal, import/export, rental storage and other logistics services, and provision of business services incidental to these including coordination, reporting and inquiries concerning these
2Sales business
  • Business negotiations, meetings and proposals with you, customers and suppliers, and coordination of these
  • Forwarding information about holding events and providing new services for you, customers and suppliers
  • For survey and research analyses of you, customers and suppliers and improvement of services for you, customers and suppliers
  • For providing after-sales services for you, customers and suppliers
3Supplier information
  • Concluding worker dispatch contracts, managing dispatched workers at dispatch sources and dispatch destinations, and the education of dispatched workers
  •  Business communication with employees of outsourcees as well as work management, safety management and education of these employees
  • Responding to requests for disclosure, provision, submission, etc. from customers and prime contractors, etc. within the scope of business execution under a contract.
4Information of employees and their families
  • Employment management such as personnel & labor management, salary management, human resource development, welfare, social insurance procedures
  • Employee health management, safety management, work man-hour management, quality control, employee education, advertising & promotion business, information sharing and communication revitalization within HTS Group, other management required for the handling of personal information in business operations and various measures incidental to these
5Recruitment business
  • Managing work experience under internships, etc.
  • Entry management of applicants through company briefing sessions and recruitment media, etc.
  • Personnel recruitment management including interview guidance for job applicants, recruitment selection, business communication concerning recruitment, and various procedures prior to employment
  • Agency business for recruitment-related services under an outsourcing contract within HTS Group.
6Retiree information
  • Forwarding various post-retirement communications concerning employment management including company pensions and social insurance
  • Management and operation of OB meetings, etc. within HTS Group
  • Management of records such as work, salary and health management during employment
  • Responding to various inquiries including social insurance-related procedures
7Investor information
  • Administrative work related to shares
8Security (surveillance) camera video information
  • Crime prevention management
  •  Safety management
9Image, audio information acquired with a drive recorder
  • Avoiding problems such as violations and lawsuits through clarification of the cause of mishaps
  • Analysis of the cause of mishaps, drafting measures to prevent their recurrence, and education and guidance
  • For individual guidance on the safety driving operations using image and sound information
10Information acquired through system services, etc.
  • Sale, provision, operation of system services developed by HTS Group
  • Improvement of services through the above system analysis, enhancement, etc.
  • Research and development of new solution systems, etc.
11Matters other than the above
  • Responding to various inquiries to HTS Group and other responses


4. Proper use of personal data

  1. HTS Group handles personal data as follows;
    1. processed lawfully, fairly and transparently (“lawfulness, fairness and transparency”);
    2. collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes (“purpose limitation”);
    3. adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary (“data minimisation”);
    4. accurate and kept up to date (“accuracy”);
    5. stored for no longer than is necessary (“storage limitation”);
    6. appropriately secured (“integrity and confidentiality”).
  1. Regarding data transfer, as you might know, Hitachi Transport System is a company incorporated in Japan and HTS Group operates around the world, so data may be transferred to the parent company HTS and other companies within HTS Group for the following purposes. When we transfer data, it will comply with procedures required by applicable local personal data protection laws and take the appropriate action necessary to protect the data.
    1. To properly and reliably carry out all business such as forwarding and logistics business.
    2. To respond to business-related inquiries from inside and outside the company.
    3. To strengthen sales force by sharing sales information within group companies.
    4. To strengthen the organization of the group’s business operations by sharing transaction information within HTS Group companies.
    5. To strengthen group management capabilities by sharing information necessary for management within HTS Group companies

5. Security

We recognize that the security of personal data is important to HTS Group and we will take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data from misuse, loss, unauthorized access, alteration and unauthorized disclosure in accordance with HTS Group’s security management standards

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Explanation of terminology

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“Cookies” refers to information that is mutually exchanged between a web server that controls a website and your web browser. Cookies are sometimes stored as files on your computer disk. The use of cookies enables a web server to record information such as which pages of the website a certain computer has visited. Unless you enter your personal data on the website, however, it is not possible to identify who you are.

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7. Request for disclosure of personal data, complaints, requests for consultation

If you would like to request disclosure, correction, etc. of personal data held by HTS Group, or if you would like to file a complaint or consultation with us, please contact the following contact information by phone or e-mail.

8. Special Notes

  1. When entering personal data on the Hitachi Transport System website, you must agree to the purpose of use and other terms specified on the website. Whether you agree or not is up to you but if you will not give your consent, you may not be able to access services we offer (including responding to your inquiries).
  2. HTS Group may revise this document, ” Privacy Policy (About Personal Information Protection)” to improve the handling of personal information, and/or in accordance with the revision of laws or ordinances, or other rules and regulations.
  3. When you contact us by telephone, conversations may be recorded to ensure accurate response.

9. Inquiries

Please address requests and complaints concerning the disclosure, etc. of personal data held by HTS Group and other inquiries concerning HTS Group’s protection of personal information to the office for inquiries below.

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